Stephanie Hovden is a queer designer, illustrator, comic artist and enthusiast living in the San Francisco Bay Area. Stephanie is passionate about media geared toward children and young adults. In her narratives she prioritizes creating stories about girls, women and the LGBTQ community. She also has a great love for animals so they are often featured in her work. Stephanie is currently working on a comic called Wolf Years as well as short form comics and illustrations. Stephanie identifies as nonbinary and uses both feminine and neutral pronouns. (She/They).

In previous lives Stephanie worked as a UI/UX artist, a graphic designer and a storyboard artist. For personal or professional inquiries please e-mail stephaniehov @ gmail dot com. You can also use the convenient form provided if you prefer.



Beyond Press, KnowYourself, Dirty Diamonds, Civic Quarterly


Sleeping Giant to be featured in Beyond 2 — 2017                  
Work Through it Featured in Sweaty Palms — April 2017
Game On Featured in Dirty Diamonds #7: Imagination — September 2016
Inner Demons Featured in Restless Minds Vol. 2 — November 2015
Growing Up With A Sister featured in Dirty Diamonds #6: Beauty — September 2015

Self Publications:

The Plight of Magalia for SPX Debut — September 2017
SportsLove FanZine for FlameCon — September 2017
Being Human for MICE debut — October 2016
ShapeShifter - February 2016
Out into the Cold — September 2015
The Necessity of Water — July 2015
Coyote Tails — July 2015
Mythology Anthology — July 2015
Wolf Years: Chapter 2 — March 2015
Wolf Years: Chapter 1 — October 2014